The dream is dead
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Author:  DJLC [ Tue 01-07-2014 1:46AM ]
Post subject:  The dream is dead

So as we can clearly tell, there is no more activity on this. Why did this kind of thing die? Cellphones? Twitter?

The times are a changing people, no one wants this kind of connectivity anymore.

RIP forgotten board.

Author:  jerslan [ Tue 01-07-2014 7:27PM ]
Post subject:  Re: The dream is dead

Probably a combination of Cellphones, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat (I hear all the kiddies are using that because of "privacy" for the sexting), and cheap Netflix/Hulu streaming (also, porn is a lot easier to come-by now than it was a decade ago).

Author:  love2mud [ Thu 01-16-2014 7:17PM ]
Post subject:  Re: The dream is dead

I love forums, but it's hard to get activity on them. must be a special interest board anymore to keep visitors.

Author:  FrankieM [ Sun 01-26-2014 9:09AM ]
Post subject:  Re: The dream is dead

Well there used to be a certain site feature that drove traffic to this board. With that feature no longer around, there really is nothing to drive traffic here.

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