cdigix and linux...
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Author:  Ritalinkid [ Mon 10-02-2006 9:34AM ]
Post subject:  cdigix and linux...

Anyone found a solution to accessing cdigix in linux?

I've installed IE6.0 but cdigix requires WMP9 or greater, which I couldn't install. I'm thinking about installing windows using VMplayer... but thats a little excessive.

Author:  GenPFault [ Mon 10-02-2006 10:27AM ]
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Ahahaahahhah! Ha..ah...oh, you were serious, weren't you? They don't even support Firefox on Win32!

VMWare looks to be the only option.

Author:  devil [ Mon 10-02-2006 11:25AM ]
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CDigix sucks. I tried it out on the Windows computers at work (since I have a Mac). The CDigix interface sucks, Windows media player sucks as well. I copied the songs to another computer to play them, and Windows Media Player refused to play them. I installed the CDigix software on that computer, and then WMP would ask me to download a license for the songs, but whenever it did that, it would crash, and I never did get them working.

Don't use CDigix, there are much better ways to obtain music, legal or not.

Author:  gil-galad [ Mon 10-02-2006 11:44AM ]
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Cdigix is pretty much a joke. Rhapsody uses the same music source and is able to support Linux.

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