network transfer slowing pc?
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Author:  LostBoyz [ Mon 09-13-2010 7:06PM ]
Post subject:  network transfer slowing pc?

So I've had this problem off and on

I have 2 pcs between a gigbit switch (connected to a router), one is my htpc with all media drives in it, the other is my main pc where I acquire media files

When I transfer stuff from main pc to htpc it puts a heavy strain on the cpu and only transfers at like 5MB/s. Also, it will stutter audio playback though this might be because the music is on the same drive as transferring data.

Meanwhile yesterday I transfered some stuff from the htpc to main pc to burn to a disc and it transferred at around 40MB/s without stuttering during playback of an hd movie

main pc:
q6600, 8800gt 512mb, 6gb ddr2 ram

i3-530, 4gb ram

both use on board NICs, both gigbyte mobos

My only thought at this point is to get a dedicated NIC, but it seems be fine on the other board under similar load. Any ideas?

Author:  heretic [ Mon 09-13-2010 10:19PM ]
Post subject:  Re: network transfer slowing pc?

1) Which machine is stuttering? The htpc? main pc?
2) How are you transferring files? ftp? sftp? samba?
3) What OS is each pc running?
4) What's the drive configuration of each machine? sata? ide? is anything raided?
5) What about jumbo frames? Does each machine support jumbo frames?

Author:  zeroluck [ Tue 09-14-2010 12:29AM ]
Post subject:  Re: network transfer slowing pc?

also does the switch support jumbo frames?

Author:  LostBoyz [ Tue 09-14-2010 4:40AM ]
Post subject:  Re: network transfer slowing pc?

1) main pc is stuttering
2)samba sharing
3) each is running windows 7, htpc is 32 bit main is 64bit
4) each machine has sata only drives, no raid
5) I don't know what jumbo frames are

Author:  LostBoyz [ Sat 09-18-2010 11:21PM ]
Post subject:  Re: network transfer slowing pc?

its doing a little better now with jumbo packets enabled on both machines transfer is around 8.5MB/s but the processor use is pretty unstable. For the first part of the transfer core 1 was maxed and 2-4 were 5% or so, now core 1 is 70% and 2-4 are around 25% and shit is getting slow.

Any ideas?

and yes the switch supports jumbo frames

Author:  heretic [ Sun 09-19-2010 8:13PM ]
Post subject:  Re: network transfer slowing pc?

If you have enabled jumbo frames, and you're still experiencing high cpu load, then the bottle neck is not network related. If I were you, I'd run some disk benchmarking. Also check to make sure you're running in DMA mode instead of PIO. If you're still having problems, try updating your motherboard drivers and/or bios.

Author:  heretic [ Sat 09-25-2010 9:15AM ]
Post subject:  Re: network transfer slowing pc?

Any updates LB? I'm kind of itching to know how things turned out.

Author:  LostBoyz [ Sat 09-25-2010 10:14AM ]
Post subject:  Re: network transfer slowing pc?

If I transfer a file say under 500mb, it flies and I don't see any instability, no stutter. If its larger than that it goes from loading up one core to that load bouncing over the other cores and thats when I get some stutter

not really sure what else to do

Author:  LostBoyz [ Fri 10-15-2010 2:27PM ]
Post subject:  Re: network transfer slowing pc?

So interesting observation, my computer had been on for a few days and I went to transfer a 175mb file, damn near froze up the whole computer and transfered at 3mb/s

here is just a quick look at the processors

after I restarted and transfered a similar sized file to the same drive on the other computer it went pretty smooth, about 11mb/s (haven't run cat6 yet since I moved)

Any ideas?

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