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Author:  zeroluck [ Tue 11-09-2010 1:41PM ]
Post subject:  nvraid

anyone know if it is possible to add a drive to an nvraid volume without recreating the entire thing? using an nforce7 series motherboard.

Author:  A_Blind_Man [ Tue 11-09-2010 5:32PM ]
Post subject:  Re: nvraid

Not really sure, don't deal with raid much. Did a search and found this, might help, not sure if it applies though.

Author:  zeroluck [ Thu 11-11-2010 10:07AM ]
Post subject:  Re: nvraid

nah, i'm trying to add a drive to a healthy array. i can't even get the mediashield stuff to show up in the nvidia control panel, so i'm not sure what the hell is going on.

Author:  UrLocalGuru [ Tue 12-07-2010 8:35AM ]
Post subject:  Re: nvraid

From what i remember of nvraid you couldnt migrate a new drive into the raid. Grantid it may have changed in the 2 years since ive messed with it.

Author:  zeroluck [ Thu 12-09-2010 11:26AM ]
Post subject:  Re: nvraid

I ended up taking everything off the 8tb array, drilling screwholes in the drive caddies to fit more drives, and starting the raid from scratch.

that htpc case angered me because at the bottom of the hdd caddies there is ample room for 2 more drives (per caddy) but no screw holes.

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