What SSD should I buy?
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Author:  Cylord [ Wed 05-04-2011 2:31AM ]
Post subject:  Re: What SSD should I buy?

Or just wait <1 month and get a OCZ Z-DRIVE R3 P84 PCI-EXPRESS SSD which uses OCZ's new VCA technology. Why does that matter? This:

With the Z-Drive R3, which makes use of VCA technology, clients can now overcome this obstacle and deploy a single, streamlined solid state drive storage solution that not only delivers exceptional bandwidth but also beneficial enterprise features including TRIM, SMART monitoring, native command queuing (NCQ), tagged command queuing (TCQ), power fail management, and wear-leveling.

Author:  zeroluck [ Wed 05-04-2011 7:26AM ]
Post subject:  Re: What SSD should I buy?

that's going to cost a million dollars

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